Bomb #10 – Green – Peppermint


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Bomb #10 – Green – Peppermint

Drop this bath bombs in your tub and watch them Fizz our bath bombs are excellent for purifying and detoxifying your skin.

  • Epson salt-Absorbed through the shin to help flush toxins and help promote relaxation.
  • White clay- Helps detoxify and purify the skin and underlying tissues.
  • Sweet almond oil-a highly beneficial oil rich in nutrients and vitamins.
  • Due to these being handmade our bath bombs will very in appearance.
  • Choose up to 12 different scents


Sodium Bicarbonate, citric Acid, Butyrospermum parkii (shea Butter) Fragrance/essential oil, magnesium and sulfate (Epsom salt) Almond oil, distill water.


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Weight 3.9 oz

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