Buy & Give Program

When Marvina Thomas created Vina Soaps, she knew that she wanted to build an operation that gave back to a cause. Marvina started the “Buy & Give” program for Start Living Recovery Home for Men and Women who are recovering from Opioids and Alcohol abuse. Through her Buy & Give program, you can help save many individuals from the terrible disease. As Vina Soaps grows, she would like to accelerate the Buy & Give Program to new heights.   The program will allow Start Living to open several more homes to help many more men and women get healthy.

Start Living needs your help. Plain and simple. With your help, we want to make a positive impact, which is why Vina Soaps. will donate 50% of our profits to help open 1 NEW recovery home each year. The primary funding for most Recovery Homes comes from the government in the form of grants. These programs would not exist without federal support. During the 2014 “Federal Shutdown,” many Recovery Homes were faced with potentially having to close their doors due to lack of funding. Recovery Homes are often the first programs to be cut from spending budgets.

If there comes a time when the government can no longer support the homes, it’ll be up to us to spread the word, one Vina’s soap bar at a time.